Trinity School of Ministry

Trinity School of Ministry students will be covering a variety of Biblical Courses that will not only give the student insight into wonderful truths of the Word of God, but also help prepare them for the ministry in which God has called them. It will also give those who feel a definite call into full-time ministry the proper tools needed to continue their studies.

Tom_Peters_Color.jpgDr. Tom Peters


I invite you to explore an open door of opportunity to attend Trinity School of Ministry. Our exciting Spirit-filled Bible school offers practical, faith-filled classes, taught by seasoned, experienced ministers. It will equip you to answer the call of God on your life as you engage in the end-time harvest, and move toward your destiny. Make plans to join us… it will change your life.

Your participation in Trinity School of Ministry will be a journey through thirty thought-provoking weeks. As you study the principles of God’s Word, it will equip you for success and significance in God’s kingdom.

Receive Spirit-led impartation from Dr. Bob Abramson, Pastor Nancy Abramson and other seasoned, skilled and anointed instructors. They bring their lives and ministry experience into the classroom.



Dr. Bob and Nancy Abramson